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From camo and first aid to ammo boxes and long black dusters, Zombie Survival Orlando has what you need.

Well we haven't opened an online store yet so we're showing only a small number of items from our store. We want to see what kind of response we get first (That's smart!). Don't worry! If you don't see it here it doesn't mean we don't have it. Send us a "product inquiry" email. Get with private Fawn (call him "Bud") he'll set you up on the "Contact Us" page.

JUST IN CASE you were wondering. You wear the long black duster to look good while you're clearin' zombies off the streets with your belt fed weapon.

Survival Kits
Road Warrior Survival Kit

Road Warrior - Auto Emergency Kit

You know if your vehicle craps out with no way to fix it, they're gonna get ya right? Be prepared!

Mayday Survival Kit

Mayday Survival kit

First Aid
Rapid Care First Aid Kit

Rapid Care First Aid Kit

Knives & Accessories
Rations » MRE's
Boxed Meals

Boxed Meals

When you have to go into hiding "fast food" is out of the question. You won't go hungry though with these fully prepared meals in a box.

Mayday Emergency Food Rations

Mayday Emergency Food Rations

Zombie Survival Orlando - Camo jacket

Desert Camo

We know! You're not always in the desert when attacked. We also have a couple of other camo patterns to choose from.

Zombie Survival Orlando - Black Duster

Black Duster

If you're gonna be clearing zombies off the street, you gotta look good right?

Misc » Containers
Zombie Survival Orlando - Ammo Boxes

Ammo Boxes

Did you say ammo boxes? Yep! We've got a few. The good ole ammo box. Use it for anything.

Zombie Survival Orlando - Rucksack


Rucksack, knapsack, backpack whatever you call it, we got a bunch of 'em.